string[] sOptions = new string[] { "COMPRESS=LZW", "PREDICTOR=2" };

using (GDAL.Dataset dsOut = drv.Create(OutFile, iW, iH, 1, GDAL.DataType.GDT_Float64, sOptions))


Driver: VRT/Virtual Raster
Driver: GTiff/GeoTIFF
PREDICTOR <int>: Predictor Type (1=default, 2=horizontal differencing, 3=floating point prediction)
DISCARD_LSB <string>: Number of least-significant bits to set to clear as a single value or comma-separated list of values for per-band values
JPEG_QUALITY <int>: JPEG quality 1-100
JPEGTABLESMODE <int>: Content of JPEGTABLES tag. 0=no JPEGTABLES tag, 1=Quantization tables only, 2=Huffman tables only, 3=Both
ZLEVEL <int>: DEFLATE compression level 1-9
NUM_THREADS <string>: Number of worker threads for compression. Can be set to ALL_CPUS
NBITS <int>: BITS for sub-byte files (1-7), sub-uint16 (9-15), sub-uint32 (17-31)
INTERLEAVE <string-select>: possible values: BAND,PIXEL,
TILED <boolean>: Switch to tiled format
TFW <boolean>: Write out world file
RPB <boolean>: Write out .RPB (RPC) file
RPCTXT <boolean>: Write out _RPC.TXT file
BLOCKXSIZE <int>: Tile Width
BLOCKYSIZE <int>: Tile/Strip Height
SPARSE_OK <boolean>: Can newly created files have missing blocks?
ALPHA <string-select>: Mark first extrasample as being alpha
PROFILE <string-select>: possible values: GDALGeoTIFF,GeoTIFF,BASELINE,
PIXELTYPE <string-select>: possible values: DEFAULT,SIGNEDBYTE,
BIGTIFF <string-select>: Force creation of BigTIFF file
ENDIANNESS <string-select>: Force endianness of created file. For DEBUG purpose mostly
COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS <boolean>: Force copy of overviews of source dataset (CreateCopy())
SOURCE_ICC_PROFILE <string>: ICC profile
SOURCE_PRIMARIES_RED <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) red chromaticity
SOURCE_PRIMARIES_GREEN <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) green chromaticity
SOURCE_PRIMARIES_BLUE <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) blue chromaticity
SOURCE_WHITEPOINT <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) whitepoint
TIFFTAG_TRANSFERFUNCTION_RED <string>: Transfer function for red
TIFFTAG_TRANSFERFUNCTION_GREEN <string>: Transfer function for green
TIFFTAG_TRANSFERFUNCTION_BLUE <string>: Transfer function for blue
TIFFTAG_TRANSFERRANGE_BLACK <string>: Transfer range for black
TIFFTAG_TRANSFERRANGE_WHITE <string>: Transfer range for white
STREAMABLE_OUTPUT <boolean>: Enforce a mode compatible with a streamable file
GEOTIFF_KEYS_FLAVOR <string-select>: Which flavor of GeoTIFF keys must be used
Driver: NITF/National Imagery Transmission Format
IC <string-select>: Compression mode. NC=no compression. C3/M3=JPEG compression. C8=JP2 compression through the JP2ECW driver
QUALITY <int>: JPEG quality 10-100
PROGRESSIVE <boolean>: JPEG progressive mode
RESTART_INTERVAL <int>: Restart interval (in MCUs). -1 for auto, 0 for none, > 0 for user specified
NUMI <int>: Number of images to create (1-999). Only works with IC=NC
TARGET <float>: For JP2 only. Compression Percentage
PROFILE <string-select>: For JP2 only.
ICORDS <string-select>: To ensure that space will be reserved for geographic corner coordinates in DMS (G), in decimal degrees (D), UTM North (N) or UTM South (S)
FHDR <string-select>: File version
IREP <string>: Set to RGB/LUT to reserve space for a color table for each output band. (Only needed for Create() method, not CreateCopy())
IREPBAND <string>: Comma separated list of band IREPBANDs in band order
ISUBCAT <string>: Comma separated list of band ISUBCATs in band order
LUT_SIZE <integer>: Set to control the size of pseudocolor tables for RGB/LUT bands
BLOCKXSIZE <int>: Set the block width
BLOCKYSIZE <int>: Set the block height
BLOCKSIZE <int>: Set the block with and height. Overridden by BLOCKXSIZE and BLOCKYSIZE
TEXT <string>: TEXT options as text-option-name=text-option-content
CGM <string>: CGM options in cgm-option-name=cgm-option-content
CLEVEL <string>: Complexity level
OSTAID <string>: Originating Station ID
FDT <string>: File Date and Time
FTITLE <string>: File Title
FSCLAS <string>: File Security Classification
FSCLSY <string>: File Classification Security System
FSCODE <string>: File Codewords
FSCTLH <string>: File Control and Handling
FSREL <string>: File Releasing Instructions
FSDCTP <string>: File Declassification Type
FSDCDT <string>: File Declassification Date
FSDCXM <string>: File Declassification Exemption
FSDG <string>: File Downgrade
FSDGDT <string>: File Downgrade Date
FSCLTX <string>: File Classification Text
FSCATP <string>: File Classification Authority Type
FSCAUT <string>: File Classification Authority
FSCRSN <string>: File Classification Reason
FSSRDT <string>: File Security Source Date
FSCTLN <string>: File Security Control Number
FSCOP <string>: File Copy Number
FSCPYS <string>: File Number of Copies
ONAME <string>: Originator Name
OPHONE <string>: Originator Phone Number
IID1 <string>: Image Identifier 1
IDATIM <string>: Image Date and Time
TGTID <string>: Target Identifier
IID2 <string>: Image Identifier 2
ISCLAS <string>: Image Security Classification
ISCLSY <string>: Image Classification Security System
ISCODE <string>: Image Codewords
ISCTLH <string>: Image Control and Handling
ISREL <string>: Image Releasing Instructions
ISDCTP <string>: Image Declassification Type
ISDCDT <string>: Image Declassification Date
ISDCXM <string>: Image Declassification Exemption
ISDG <string>: Image Downgrade
ISDGDT <string>: Image Downgrade Date
ISCLTX <string>: Image Classification Text
ISCATP <string>: Image Classification Authority Type
ISCAUT <string>: Image Classification Authority
ISCRSN <string>: Image Classification Reason
ISSRDT <string>: Image Security Source Date
ISCTLN <string>: Image Security Control Number
ISORCE <string>: Image Source
ICAT <string>: Image Category
ABPP <string>: Actual Bits-Per-Pixel Per Band
PJUST <string>: Pixel Justification
ICOM <string>: Image Comments (up to 9×80 characters)
TRE <string>: Under the format TRE=tre-name,tre-contents
FILE_TRE <string>: Under the format FILE_TRE=tre-name,tre-contents
BLOCKA_BLOCK_COUNT <int>: possible values:
BLOCKA_BLOCK_INSTANCE_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_N_GRAY_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_L_LINES_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_LAYOVER_ANGLE_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_SHADOW_ANGLE_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_BLANKS_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_FRLC_LOC_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_LRLC_LOC_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_LRFC_LOC_* <string>: possible values:
BLOCKA_FRFC_LOC_* <string>: possible values:
SDE_TRE <boolean>: Write GEOLOB and GEOPSB TREs (only geographic SRS for now)
Driver: RPFTOC/Raster Product Format TOC format
Driver: ECRGTOC/ECRG TOC format
Driver: HFA/Erdas Imagine Images (.img)
BLOCKSIZE <integer>: tile width/height (32-2048)
USE_SPILL <boolean>: Force use of spill file
COMPRESSED <boolean>: compress blocks
PIXELTYPE <string>: By setting this to SIGNEDBYTE, a new Byte file can be forced to be written as signed byte
AUX <boolean>: Create an .aux file
IGNOREUTM <boolean>: Ignore UTM when selecting coordinate system – will use Transverse Mercator. Only used for Create() method
NBITS <integer>: Create file with special sub-byte data type (1/2/4)
STATISTICS <boolean>: Generate statistics and a histogram
DEPENDENT_FILE <string>: Name of dependent file (must not have absolute path)
FORCETOPESTRING <boolean>: Force use of ArcGIS PE String in file instead of Imagine coordinate system format
Driver: CEOS/CEOS Image
Driver: JAXAPALSAR/JAXA PALSAR Product Reader (Level 1.1/1.5)
Driver: GFF/Ground-based SAR Applications Testbed File Format (.gff)
Driver: AIG/Arc/Info Binary Grid
Driver: AAIGrid/Arc/Info ASCII Grid
FORCE_CELLSIZE <boolean>: Force use of CELLSIZE, default is FALSE.
DECIMAL_PRECISION <int>: Number of decimal when writing floating-point numbers(%f).
SIGNIFICANT_DIGITS <int>: Number of significant digits when writing floating-point numbers(%g).
Driver: SDTS/SDTS Raster
Driver: DTED/DTED Elevation Raster
Driver: PNG/Portable Network Graphics
WORLDFILE <boolean>: Create world file
ZLEVEL <int>: DEFLATE compression level 1-9
SOURCE_ICC_PROFILE <string>: ICC Profile
SOURCE_ICC_PROFILE_NAME <string>: ICC Profile name
SOURCE_PRIMARIES_RED <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) red chromaticity
SOURCE_PRIMARIES_GREEN <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) green chromaticity
SOURCE_PRIMARIES_BLUE <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) blue chromaticity
SOURCE_WHITEPOINT <string>: x,y,1.0 (xyY) whitepoint
PNG_GAMMA <string>: Gamma
TITLE <string>: Title
DESCRIPTION <string>: Description
COPYRIGHT <string>: Copyright
COMMENT <string>: Comment
WRITE_METADATA_AS_TEXT <boolean>: Whether to write source dataset metadata in TEXT chunks
PROGRESSIVE <boolean>: whether to generate a progressive JPEG
QUALITY <int>: good=100, bad=0, default=75
WORLDFILE <boolean>: whether to geneate a worldfile
INTERNAL_MASK <boolean>: whether to generate a validity mask
ARITHMETIC <boolean>: whether to use arithmetic encoding
BLOCK <int>: between 1 and 16
COMMENT <string>: Comment
SOURCE_ICC_PROFILE <string>: ICC profile encoded in Base64
EXIF_THUMBNAIL <boolean>: whether to generate an EXIF thumbnail(overview). By default its max dimension will be 128
THUMBNAIL_WIDTH <int>: Forced thumbnail width
THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT <int>: Forced thumbnail height
Driver: MEM/In Memory Raster
INTERLEAVE <string-select>: possible values: BAND,PIXEL,
Driver: JDEM/Japanese DEM (.mem)
Driver: GIF/Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
INTERLACING <boolean>: possible values:
WORLDFILE <boolean>: possible values:
Driver: BIGGIF/Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
Driver: ESAT/Envisat Image Format
Driver: BSB/Maptech BSB Nautical Charts
Driver: XPM/X11 PixMap Format
Driver: BMP/MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap
WORLDFILE <boolean>: Write out world file
Driver: AirSAR/AirSAR Polarimetric Image
Driver: RS2/RadarSat 2 XML Product
Driver: SAFE/Sentinel SAFE Product
Driver: PCIDSK/PCIDSK Database File
INTERLEAVING <string-select>: raster data organization
COMPRESSION <string-select>: compression – (INTERLEAVING=TILED only)
Driver: PCRaster/PCRaster Raster File
Driver: ILWIS/ILWIS Raster Map
Driver: SGI/SGI Image File Format 1.0
Driver: SRTMHGT/SRTMHGT File Format
Driver: Leveller/Leveller heightfield
Driver: Terragen/Terragen heightfield
MINUSERPIXELVALUE <float>: Lowest logical elevation
MAXUSERPIXELVALUE <float>: Highest logical elevation
Driver: ISIS3/USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 3)
Driver: ISIS2/USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 2)
LABELING_METHOD <string-select>: possible values: ATTACHED,DETACHED,
IMAGE_EXTENSION <string>: possible values:
Driver: PDS/NASA Planetary Data System
Driver: TIL/EarthWatch .TIL
Driver: ERS/ERMapper .ers Labelled
PIXELTYPE <string>: By setting this to SIGNEDBYTE, a new Byte file can be forced to be written as signed byte
PROJ <string>: ERS Projection Name
DATUM <string>: ERS Datum Name
UNITS <string-select>: ERS Projection Units
Driver: L1B/NOAA Polar Orbiter Level 1b Data Set
Driver: FIT/FIT Image
Driver: GRIB/GRIdded Binary (.grb)
Driver: RMF/Raster Matrix Format
MTW <boolean>: Create MTW DEM matrix
BLOCKXSIZE <int>: Tile Width
BLOCKYSIZE <int>: Tile Height
Driver: WCS/OGC Web Coverage Service
Driver: WMS/OGC Web Map Service
Driver: MSGN/EUMETSAT Archive native (.nat)
Driver: RST/Idrisi Raster A.1
Driver: INGR/Intergraph Raster
Driver: GSAG/Golden Software ASCII Grid (.grd)
Driver: GSBG/Golden Software Binary Grid (.grd)
Driver: GS7BG/Golden Software 7 Binary Grid (.grd)
Driver: COSAR/COSAR Annotated Binary Matrix (TerraSAR-X)
Driver: TSX/TerraSAR-X Product
Driver: COASP/DRDC COASP SAR Processor Raster
Driver: R/R Object Data Store
ASCII <boolean>: For ASCII output, default NO
COMPRESS <boolean>: Produced Compressed output, default YES
Driver: MAP/OziExplorer .MAP
Driver: PNM/Portable Pixmap Format (netpbm)
MAXVAL <unsigned int>: Maximum color value
Driver: DOQ1/USGS DOQ (Old Style)
Driver: DOQ2/USGS DOQ (New Style)
Driver: ENVI/ENVI .hdr Labelled
SUFFIX <string-select>: possible values: ADD,
INTERLEAVE <string-select>: possible values: BIP,BIL,BSQ,
Driver: EHdr/ESRI .hdr Labelled
NBITS <int>: Special pixel bits (1-7)
PIXELTYPE <string>: By setting this to SIGNEDBYTE, a new Byte file can be forced to be written as signed byte
Driver: GenBin/Generic Binary (.hdr Labelled)
Driver: PAux/PCI .aux Labelled
INTERLEAVE <string-select>: possible values: BAND,LINE,PIXEL,
Driver: MFF/Vexcel MFF Raster
Driver: MFF2/Vexcel MFF2 (HKV) Raster
Driver: FujiBAS/Fuji BAS Scanner Image
Driver: GSC/GSC Geogrid
Driver: FAST/EOSAT FAST Format
Driver: BT/VTP .bt (Binary Terrain) 1.3 Format
Driver: LAN/Erdas .LAN/.GIS
Driver: CPG/Convair PolGASP
Driver: IDA/Image Data and Analysis
Driver: NDF/NLAPS Data Format
Driver: EIR/Erdas Imagine Raw
Driver: DIPEx/DIPEx
Driver: LCP/FARSITE v.4 Landscape File (.lcp)
ELEVATION_UNIT <string-select>: Elevation units
SLOPE_UNIT <string-select>: Slope units
CANOPY_COV_UNIT <string-select>: possible values: CATEGORIES,PERCENT,
CANOPY_HT_UNIT <string-select>: possible values: METERS,FEET,METERS_X_10,FEET_X_10,
CBH_UNIT <string-select>: possible values: METERS,FEET,METERS_X_10,FEET_X_10,
DUFF_UNIT <string-select>: possible values: MG_PER_HECTARE_X_10,TONS_PER_ACRE_X_10,
CALCULATE_STATS <boolean>: Write the stats to the lcp
CLASSIFY_DATA <boolean>: Write the stats to the lcp
LINEAR_UNIT <string-select>: Set the linear units in the lcp
LATITUDE <int>: Set the latitude for the dataset, this overrides the driver trying to set it programmatically in EPSG:4269
DESCRIPTION <string>: A short description of the lcp file
Driver: GTX/NOAA Vertical Datum .GTX
Driver: LOSLAS/NADCON .los/.las Datum Grid Shift
Driver: NTv2/NTv2 Datum Grid Shift
Driver: CTable2/CTable2 Datum Grid Shift
Driver: ACE2/ACE2
Driver: SNODAS/Snow Data Assimilation System
Driver: KRO/KOLOR Raw
Driver: ROI_PAC/ROI_PAC raster
Driver: ISCE/ISCE raster
SCHEME <string-select>: possible values: BIP,BIL,BSQ,
Driver: ARG/Azavea Raster Grid format
Driver: RIK/Swedish Grid RIK (.rik)
Driver: USGSDEM/USGS Optional ASCII DEM (and CDED)
PRODUCT <string-select>: Specific Product Type
TOPLEFT <string>: Top left product corner (ie. 117d15w,52d30n
RESAMPLE <string-select>: Resampling kernel to use if resampled.
TEMPLATE <string>: File to default metadata from.
DEMLevelCode <int>: DEM Level (1, 2 or 3 if set)
DataSpecVersion <int>: Data and Specification version/revision (eg. 1020)
PRODUCER <string>: Producer Agency (up to 60 characters)
OriginCode <string>: Origin code (up to 4 characters, YT for Yukon)
ProcessCode <string>: Processing Code (8=ANUDEM, 9=FME, A=TopoGrid)
ZRESOLUTION <float>: Scaling factor for elevation values
NTS <string>: NTS Mapsheet name, used to derive TOPLEFT.
INTERNALNAME <string>: Dataset name written into file header.
Driver: GXF/GeoSoft Grid Exchange Format
Driver: NWT_GRD/Northwood Numeric Grid Format .grd/.tab
Driver: NWT_GRC/Northwood Classified Grid Format .grc/.tab
Driver: ADRG/ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
Driver: SRP/Standard Raster Product (ASRP/USRP)
Driver: BLX/Magellan topo (.blx)
Driver: Rasterlite/Rasterlite
<CreationOptionList> <Option name='WIPE' type='boolean' default='NO' description='Erase all prexisting data in the specified table'/> <Option name='TILED' type='boolean' default='YES' description='Use tiling'/> <Option name='BLOCKXSIZE' type='int' default='256' description='Tile Width'/> <Option name='BLOCKYSIZE' type='int' default='256' description='Tile Height'/> <Option name='DRIVER' type='string' default='GTiff' description='GDAL driver to use for storing tiles' default='GTiff'/> <Option name='COMPRESS' type='string' default='(GTiff driver) Compression method' default='NONE'/> <Option name='QUALITY' type='int' description='(JPEG-compressed GTiff, JPEG and WEBP drivers) JPEG/WEBP Quality 1-100' default='75'/> <Option name='PHOTOMETRIC' type='string-select' description='(GTiff driver) Photometric interpretation'> <Value>MINISBLACK</Value> <Value>MINISWHITE</Value> <Value>PALETTE</Value> <Value>RGB</Value> <Value>CMYK</Value> <Value>YCBCR</Value> <Value>CIELAB</Value> <Value>ICCLAB</Value> <Value>ITULAB</Value> </Option> <Option name='TARGET' type='int' description='(EPSILON driver) target size reduction as a percentage of the original (0-100)' default='96'/> <Option name='FILTER' type='string' description='(EPSILON driver) Filter ID' default='daub97lift'/></CreationOptionList>
Driver: SAGA/SAGA GIS Binary Grid (.sdat)
Driver: KMLSUPEROVERLAY/Kml Super Overlay
NAME <string>: Overlay name
DESCRIPTION <string>: Overlay description
ALTITUDE <float>: Distance above the earth surface, in meters, interpreted according to the altitude mode
ALTITUDEMODE <string-select>: Specifies hows the altitude is interpreted
FORMAT <string-select>: Format of the tiles
FIX_ANTIMERIDIAN <boolean>: Fix for images crossing the antimeridian causing errors in Google Earth
Driver: XYZ/ASCII Gridded XYZ
COLUMN_SEPARATOR <string>: Separator between fields.
ADD_HEADER_LINE <boolean>: Add an header line with column names.
Driver: HF2/HF2/HFZ heightfield raster
VERTICAL_PRECISION <float>: Vertical precision.
COMPRESS <boolean>: Set to true to produce a GZip compressed file.
BLOCKSIZE <int>: Tile size.
Driver: PDF/Geospatial PDF
COMPRESS <string-select>: Compression method for raster data
STREAM_COMPRESS <string-select>: Compression method for stream objects
GEO_ENCODING <string-select>: Format of geo-encoding
NEATLINE <string>: Neatline
DPI <float>: DPI
PREDICTOR <int>: Predictor Type (for DEFLATE compression)
JPEG_QUALITY <int>: JPEG quality 1-100
JPEG2000_DRIVER <string>: possible values:
TILED <boolean>: Switch to tiled format
BLOCKXSIZE <int>: Block Width
BLOCKYSIZE <int>: Block Height
LAYER_NAME <string>: Layer name for raster content
CLIPPING_EXTENT <string>: Clipping extent for main and extra rasters. Format: xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax
EXTRA_RASTERS <string>: List of extra (georeferenced) rasters.
EXTRA_RASTERS_LAYER_NAME <string>: List of layer names for the extra (georeferenced) rasters.
EXTRA_STREAM <string>: Extra data to insert into the page content stream
EXTRA_IMAGES <string>: List of image_file_name,x,y,scale[,link=some_url] (possibly repeated)
EXTRA_LAYER_NAME <string>: Layer name for extra content
MARGIN <int>: Margin around image in user units
LEFT_MARGIN <int>: Left margin in user units
RIGHT_MARGIN <int>: Right margin in user units
TOP_MARGIN <int>: Top margin in user units
BOTTOM_MARGIN <int>: Bottom margin in user units
OGR_DATASOURCE <string>: Name of OGR datasource to display on top of the raster layer
OGR_DISPLAY_FIELD <string>: Name of field to use as the display field in the feature tree
OGR_DISPLAY_LAYER_NAMES <string>: Comma separated list of OGR layer names to display in the feature tree
OGR_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES <boolean>: Whether to write attributes of OGR features
OGR_LINK_FIELD <string>: Name of field to use as the URL field to make objects clickable.
XMP <string>: xml:XMP metadata
WRITE_INFO <boolean>: to control whether a Info block must be written
AUTHOR <string>: possible values:
CREATOR <string>: possible values:
CREATION_DATE <string>: possible values:
KEYWORDS <string>: possible values:
PRODUCER <string>: possible values:
SUBJECT <string>: possible values:
TITLE <string>: possible values:
OFF_LAYERS <string>: Comma separated list of layer names that should be initially hidden
EXCLUSIVE_LAYERS <string>: Comma separated list of layer names, such that only one of those layers can be ON at a time.
JAVASCRIPT <string>: Javascript script to embed and run at file opening
JAVASCRIPT_FILE <string>: Filename of the Javascript script to embed and run at file opening
Driver: OZI/OziExplorer Image File
Driver: CTG/USGS LULC Composite Theme Grid
Driver: E00GRID/Arc/Info Export E00 GRID
Driver: ZMap/ZMap Plus Grid
Driver: NGSGEOID/NOAA NGS Geoid Height Grids
Driver: MBTiles/MBTiles
Driver: IRIS/IRIS data (.PPI, .CAPPi etc)
Driver: PLMOSAIC/Planet Labs Mosaics API
Driver: CALS/CALS (Type 1)
Driver: WMTS/OGC Web Mab Tile Service
Driver: ESRI Shapefile/ESRI Shapefile
Driver: MapInfo File/MapInfo File
FORMAT <string-select>: type of MapInfo format
SPATIAL_INDEX_MODE <string-select>: type of spatial index
Driver: UK .NTF/UK .NTF
Driver: S57/IHO S-57 (ENC)
S57_EXPP <int>: Exchange purpose
S57_INTU <int>: Intended usage
S57_EDTN <string>: Edition number
S57_UPDN <string>: Update number
S57_UADT <string>: Update application date
S57_ISDT <string>: Issue date
S57_STED <string>: Edition number of S-57
S57_AGEN <int>: Producing agency
S57_COMT <string>: Comment
S57_NOMR <int>: Number of meta records (objects with acronym starting with "M_")
S57_NOGR <int>: Number of geo records
S57_NOLR <int>: Number of collection records
S57_NOIN <int>: Number of isolated node records
S57_NOCN <int>: Number of connected node records
S57_NOED <int>: Number of edge records
S57_HDAT <int>: Horizontal geodetic datum
S57_VDAT <int>: Vertical datum
S57_SDAT <int>: Sounding datum
S57_CSCL <int>: Compilation scale of data (1:X)
Driver: DGN/Microstation DGN
3D <boolean>: whether 2D (seed_2d.dgn) or 3D (seed_3d.dgn) seed file should be used. This option is ignored if the SEED option is provided
SEED <string>: Filename of seed file to use
COPY_WHOLE_SEED_FILE <boolean>: whether the whole seed file should be copied. If not, only the first three elements (and potentially the color table) will be copied.
COPY_SEED_FILE_COLOR_TABLE <boolean>: whether the color table should be copied from the seed file.
MASTER_UNIT_NAME <string>: Override the master unit name from the seed file with the provided one or two character unit name.
SUB_UNIT_NAME <string>: Override the master unit name from the seed file with the provided one or two character unit name.
MASTER_UNIT_NAME <string>: Override the master unit name from the seed file with the provided one or two character unit name.
SUB_UNIT_NAME <string>: Override the sub unit name from the seed file with the provided one or two character unit name.
SUB_UNITS_PER_MASTER_UNIT <int>: Override the number of subunits per master unit. By default the seed file value is used.
UOR_PER_SUB_UNIT <int>: Override the number of UORs (Units of Resolution) per sub unit. By default the seed file value is used.
ORIGIN <string>: Value as x,y,z. Override the origin of the design plane. By default the origin from the seed file is used.
Driver: OGR_VRT/VRT – Virtual Datasource
Driver: REC/EPIInfo .REC
Driver: Memory/Memory
Driver: BNA/Atlas BNA
LINEFORMAT <string-select>: end-of-line sequence
MULTILINE <boolean>: Whether coordinates should be put on the same line
NB_IDS <string-select>: Number of identifiers per record
ELLIPSES_AS_ELLIPSES <boolean>: Whether ellipses and circles should be recognized and written as such, instead of polygons
NB_PAIRS_PER_LINE <int>: Maximum number of coordinate pair per line in multiline format
COORDINATE_PRECISION <int>: Number of decimal for coordinates
Driver: CSV/Comma Separated Value (.csv)
GEOMETRY <string-select>: how to encode geometry fields
Driver: GML/Geography Markup Language (GML)
<CreationOptionList> <Option name='XSISCHEMAURI' type='string' description='URI to be inserted as the schema location.'/> <Option name='XSISCHEMA' type='string-select' description='where to write a .xsd application schema. INTERNAL should not normally be used' default='EXTERNAL'> <Value>EXTERNAL</Value> <Value>INTERNAL</Value> <Value>OFF</Value> </Option> <Option name='PREFIX' type='string' description='Prefix for the application target namespace.' default='ogr'/> <Option name='STRIP_PREFIX' type='boolean' description='Whether to avoid writing the prefix of the application target namespace in the GML file.' default='NO'/> <Option name='TARGET_NAMESPACE' type='string' description='Application target namespace.' default='http://ogr.maptools.org/'/> <Option name='FORMAT' type='string-select' description='Version of GML to use' default='GML2'> <Value>GML2</Value> <Value>GML3</Value> <Value>GML3.2</Value> <Value>GML3Deegree</Value> </Option> <Option name='GML3_LONGSRS' type='boolean' description='Whether to write SRS with "urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::" prefix with GML3* versions' default='YES'/> <Option name='WRITE_FEATURE_BOUNDED_BY' type='boolean' description='Whether to write <gml:boundedBy> element for each feature with GML3* versions' default='YES'/> <Option name='SPACE_INDENTATION' type='boolean' description='Whether to indentate the output for readability' default='YES'/> <Option name='SRSDIMENSION_LOC' type='string-select' description='(only valid for FORMAT=GML3xx) Location where to put srsDimension attribute' default='POSLIST'> <Value>POSLIST</Value> <Value>GEOMETRY</Value> <Value>GEOMETRY,POSLIST</Value> </Option> <Option name='GML_ID' type='string' description='Value of feature collection gml:id (GML 3.2 only)' default='aFeatureCollection'/> <Option name='NAME' type='string' description='Content of GML name element'/> <Option name='DESCRIPTION' type='string' description='Content of GML description element'/></CreationOptionList>
Driver: GPX/GPX
<CreationOptionList> <Option name='LINEFORMAT' type='string-select' description='end-of-line sequence' default='LF'> <Value>CRLF</Value> <Value>LF</Value> </Option> <Option name='GPX_USE_EXTENSIONS' type='boolean' description='Whether to write non-GPX attributes in an <extensions> tag' default='NO'/> <Option name='GPX_EXTENSIONS_NS' type='string' description='Namespace value used for extension tags' default='ogr'/> <Option name='GPX_EXTENSIONS_NS_URL' type='string' description='Namespace URI' default='http://osgeo.org/gdal'/></CreationOptionList>
Driver: KML/Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
<CreationOptionList> <Option name='GPX_USE_EXTENSIONS' type='boolean' description='Whether to write non-GPX attributes in an <extensions> tag' default='NO'/> <Option name='NameField' type='string' description='Field to use to fill the KML <name> element' default='Name'/> <Option name='DescriptionField' type='string' description='Field to use to fill the KML <description> element' default='Description'/> <Option name='AltitudeMode' type='string-select' description='Value of the <AltitudeMode> element for 3D geometries'> <Value>clampToGround</Value> <Value>relativeToGround</Value> <Value>absolute</Value> </Option></CreationOptionList>
Driver: GeoJSON/GeoJSON
Driver: OGR_GMT/GMT ASCII Vectors (.gmt)
Driver: GPKG/GeoPackage
RASTER_TABLE <string>: Name of tile user table
APPEND_SUBDATASET <boolean>: Set to YES to add a new tile user table to an existing GeoPackage instead of replacing it
RASTER_IDENTIFIER <string>: Human-readable identifier (e.g. short name)
RASTER_DESCRIPTION <string>: Human-readable description
BLOCKSIZE <int>: Block size in pixels
BLOCKXSIZE <int>: Block width in pixels
BLOCKYSIZE <int>: Block height in pixels
TILE_FORMAT <string-select>: Format to use to create tiles
QUALITY <int>: Quality for JPEG and WEBP tiles
ZLEVEL <int>: DEFLATE compression level for PNG tiles
DITHER <boolean>: Whether to apply Floyd-Steinberg dithering (for TILE_FORMAT=PNG8)
TILING_SCHEME <string-select>: Which tiling scheme to use
ZOOM_LEVEL_STRATEGY <string-select>: Strategy to determine zoom level. Only used for TILING_SCHEME != CUSTOM
RESAMPLING <string-select>: Resampling algorithm. Only used for TILING_SCHEME != CUSTOM
Driver: SQLite/SQLite / Spatialite
SPATIALITE <boolean>: Whether to create a Spatialite database
METADATA <boolean>: Whether to create the geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys tables
INIT_WITH_EPSG <boolean>: Whether to insert the content of the EPSG CSV files into the spatial_ref_sys table
Driver: WAsP/WAsP .map format
Driver: OpenFileGDB/ESRI FileGDB
Driver: XPlane/X-Plane/Flightgear aeronautical data
Driver: DXF/AutoCAD DXF
HEADER <string>: Template header file
TRAILER <string>: Template trailer file
FIRST_ENTITY <int>: Identifier of first entity
Driver: Geoconcept/Geoconcept
EXTENSION <string-select>: indicates the GeoConcept export file extension. TXT was used by earlier releases of GeoConcept. GXT is currently used.
CONFIG <string>: path to the GCT file that describes the GeoConcept types definitions.
Driver: GeoRSS/GeoRSS
<CreationOptionList> <Option name='FORMAT' type='string-select' description='whether the document must be in RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0 format' default='RSS'> <Value>RSS</Value> <Value>ATOM</Value> </Option> <Option name='GEOM_DIALECT' type='string-select' description='encoding of location information' default='SIMPLE'> <Value>SIMPLE</Value> <Value>GML</Value> <Value>W3C_GEO</Value> </Option> <Option name='USE_EXTENSIONS' type='boolean' description='Whether extension fields (that is to say fields not in the base schema of RSS or Atom documents) will be written' default='NO'/> <Option name='WRITE_HEADER_AND_FOOTER' type='boolean' description='Whether header and footer are written' default='YES'/> <Option name='HEADER' type='string' description='XML content that will be put between the <channel> element and the first <item> element for a RSS document, or between the xml tag and the first <entry> element for an Atom document. If it is specified, it will overload the following options'/> <Option name='TITLE' type='string' description='value put inside the <title> element in the header'/> <Option name='DESCRIPTION' type='string' description='(RSS only) value put inside the <description> element in the header'/> <Option name='LINK' type='string' description='(RSS only) value put inside the <link> element in the header'/> <Option name='UPDATED' type='string' description='(RSS only) value put inside the <updated> element in the header. Should be formatted as a XML datetime'/> <Option name='AUTHOR_NAME' type='string' description='(ATOM only) value put inside the <author><name> element in the header'/> <Option name='ID' type='string' description='(ATOM only) value put inside the <id> element in the header.'/></CreationOptionList>
Driver: GPSTrackMaker/GPSTrackMaker
Driver: VFK/Czech Cadastral Exchange Data Format
Driver: PGDUMP/PostgreSQL SQL dump
LINEFORMAT <string-select>: end-of-line sequence
Driver: OSM/OpenStreetMap XML and PBF
Driver: GPSBabel/GPSBabel
GPSBABEL_DRIVER <string>: Name of the GPSBabel to use
Driver: SUA/Tim Newport-Peace's Special Use Airspace Format
Driver: OpenAir/OpenAir
Driver: OGR_PDS/Planetary Data Systems TABLE
Driver: WFS/OGC WFS (Web Feature Service)
Driver: HTF/Hydrographic Transfer Vector
Driver: AeronavFAA/Aeronav FAA
Driver: EDIGEO/French EDIGEO exchange format
Driver: GFT/Google Fusion Tables
Driver: GME/Google Maps Engine
Driver: SVG/Scalable Vector Graphics
Driver: CouchDB/CouchDB / GeoCouch
Driver: Cloudant/Cloudant / CouchDB
Driver: Idrisi/Idrisi Vector (.vct)
Driver: ARCGEN/Arc/Info Generate
Driver: SEGY/SEG-Y
Driver: XLS/MS Excel format
Driver: ODS/Open Document/ LibreOffice / OpenOffice Spreadsheet
Driver: XLSX/MS Office Open XML spreadsheet
Driver: ElasticSearch/Elastic Search
Driver: CartoDB/CartoDB
Driver: AmigoCloud/AmigoCloud
Driver: SXF/Storage and eXchange Format
Driver: Selafin/Selafin
TITLE <string>: Title of the datasource, stored in the Selafin file. The title must not hold more than 72 characters.
DATE <string>: Starting date of the simulation. Each layer in a Selafin file is characterized by a date, counted in seconds since a reference date. This option allows providing the reference date. The format of this field must be YYYY-MM-DD_hh:mm:ss
Driver: JML/OpenJUMP JML
Driver: PLSCENES/Planet Labs Scenes API
Driver: CSW/OGC CSW (Catalog Service for the Web)
Driver: IDF/INTREST Data Format
Driver: TIGER/U.S. Census TIGER/Line
Driver: AVCBin/Arc/Info Binary Coverage
Driver: AVCE00/Arc/Info E00 (ASCII) Coverage
Driver: HTTP/HTTP Fetching Wrapper